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Machine Options
Standard Accessories
  • Comprehensive static toolholder package
  • Electronic Handwheel Handle retrace
  • Tool Monitoring System
  • Auto Power Shut-off
  • Cut-off Confirmation
  • Parts Catcher
  • Chip conveyor
  • Parts Conveyor
  • Medium Pressure Coolant system
  • Spindle Air Blow
  • Spindle brake for milling
Optional Accessories
  • Automatic bar feeder
  • Mist Control Unit
  • In cycle probing
  • Work handling automation
  • Hainbuch workholding options
Main Spindle (AC Motor)
  • Bar Capacity – 51mm
  • Standard Machining length – 150mm
  • Spindle Nose – A2~6
  • Motor – 15/11kW
  • Spindle speed range – 50~5,000RPM
  • C-axis – 0.001°
Sub-Spindle (AC Motor)
  • Maximum workpiece diameter – 51mm
  • Spindle Nose – Flat
  • Motor – 7.5/5.5kW
  • Spindle speed range – 50~5,000RPM
  • C-axis – 0.001°
Turret Head
  • Number of Turrets – 1
  • Number of Stations – 12
  • Number of Driven tools – 12
  • Drive motor of Driven tool – 25 Nm ( 4kW)
  • Driven tool speed range – Max. 6,000RPM
  • Shank height of Square turning tool – 3/4″ X 3/4″
Machine Overview

This machine, developed based on the best-selling BNJ series under the Miyano brand, has inherited the characteristics of the Miyano brand in terms of the highly rigid basic configuration and hand scraped slideways, and demonstrates stable machining accuracy. In addition to that, even larger and longer workpieces can be handled thanks to the extended stroke of the X1 axis, increased capacity of the servomotor, extended stroke of the X2 axis, and increased back spindle chuck size. By adopting a Mitsubishi control, highly efficient machining is achieved through a wealth of machining support functions and superimposition machining, which is the biggest feature, in combination with the excellent operability cultivated under the Cincom brand.

Work Area
    • 12 station turret
    • The 12 driven tool positions are individually powered to minimize torque loss.
    • A flexible package of fixed and driven tooling is available.
    • Y axis as standard allows more complete parts with driven tools.
    • X2 axis on SP2 allows for two tools in the cut with proprietary super-imposition control technology.
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