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M32 Type VII


Machine Options
Standard Accessories
  • Main Spindle Chucking Device
  • Back Spindle Chucking Device
  • Headstock Cooling Device
  • Door Switch
  • Lubricating Oil Supply
  • Pneumatic Device for air sealing
  • Part-off Tool Breakage Detector(Electronic type)
  • Work Area Lamp
  • Cutting oil level detection
Optional Accessories
  • Extensive toolholder options
  • Choice of Barfeeder
  • Coolblaster High Pressure Coolant
  • Mist Control
  • Long Parts Adapter
  • Chip Conveyor
Main Spindle
  • Max. turning diameter – 32mm
  • Max. turning length – 320mm
  • Spindle through-hole diameter – 36mm
  • Main spindle speed – 200-8,000RPM
  • Main spindle drive power – 3.7 / 7.5kW
  • C-Axis – 0.001°
  • Max. workpiece diameter – 32mm
  • Motor rating – 2.2 / 3.7kW
  • Sub-spindle speed – 200-8,000RPM
  • C-Axis – 0.001°
Vertical Tool Post
  • Turning tools in vertical tool holder platen – 5
  • Number of rotary tools – 7
  • Driven Tool Power – 1kW
  • Speed of tools – 200-6,000RPM
Opposed Tool Post
  • Fixed tools for back machining – 3
  • Driven tools for back machining – up to 6
  • Y Axis – Yes
  • Y-Axis – Yes
  • Driven stations on turret – 10
  • Max. number of tools – 60+
  • Driven tool power – 1.5 / 2.2kW
  • Speed of driven tools – 200-6,000RPM
Other Information
  • Space requirement (without bar feeder) – 3,400 x 1,410 x 1,900mm
  • Weight – 3,400kg
Machine Overview

More tools!… more functions!… more flexibility!…higher productivity!… same floor space!

Even greater value!

The M32 is renowned for its leading capability for 3 tool simultaneous machining in a compact floor space. The all round combination of flexible tooling, large tool capacity, and outstanding ease of use has made the M32 our success story in the new century. The next generation M32 increases the 3 tool simultaneous machining abilities with a new Y3 axis on the back tool post which carries up to 9 tools (up to 6 driven). New advanced functions include a B axis on the gang tool post with 4 axis simultaneous containing control. In addition the machine boasts an improved / upgraded turret with direct indexing, faster rapid feed rate (up to 32m/min) and reduced power consumption.

Work Area
Vertical Holder
  • 7 rotary cross-drilling / milling spindles and 5 turning tools for turning, grooving, screw-cutting, parting-off etc.
  • Standard Y-axis facilitates tool center height adjustment and enables complex operations to be carried out with ease.
  • The B Axis is the slant axis in reference to the Y axis direction.
  • Rotary tools incorporating a B axis can continuously change the angle (-10° to +105°) for angled holes.
  • Contouring with simultaneous 4-axis control is also possible.
Robotic Turret
  • Allows Front and back machining including pinch milling.
  • High-torque power driven tools available for all 10 stations (6,000RPM and 1.5 / 2.2kW).
  • Multiple tool holders and intermediate indexing allow 60+ tools to be fitted.
  • Tools can be indexed directly without turret retraction saving 0.5 secs per index.
  • Y-Axis allows tool change without turret indexing and tool offset adjustment in 3 axes.
  • Double / Triple sleeve tool holder and double cross-spindle take full advantage of Y-axis.
Back Working Tool Post
    • Can accommodate holders at 3 positions (2 for rotary tool specifications – 1kW / 6000rpm and 1 for fixed tool specifications)
    • Up to 9 tools can be fitted.
    • Back tool post using Y3 axis in combination with the sub spindle X3 and Z3 axes allows the following operations to be carried out simultaneously with other operations.
    • Allows operations such as drilling (face / cross), tapping (face / cross), screw-cutting, boring, interpolation, PCD and turning to be carried out simultaneously with other operations.
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