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Machine Options
Standard Accessories
  • Main Spindle Chucking Device
  • Back Spindle chucking device
  • Headstock Cooling Device
  • Door Switch
  • Lubricating Oil Supply
  • Pneumatic Device for air sealing
  • Part-off Tool Breakage Detector(Electronic type)
  • Work Area Lamp
  • Cutting oil level detection
Optional Accessories
  • Extensive toolholder options
  • Choice of Barfeeder
  • Coolblaster High Pressure Coolant
  • Mist Control Unit
  • Long Parts Adapter
  • Chip Conveyor
Main Spindle
  • Max. turning diameter – 16mm
  • Max. turning length – 200mm
  • Spindle through-hole diameter – 16mm
  • Collet Type – TF20
  • Main spindle speed – 200-12,000RPM
  • Main spindle drive power – 2.2 / 3.7kW
  • C-Axis – 0.001°
  • Max. workpiece diameter – 16mm
  • Motor rating – 0.75 / 1.5kW
  • Sub-spindle speed – 200-12,000RPM
  • C-Axis – 0.001°
Vertical Tool Post
  • Turning tools – 5
  • Number of rotary tools – 7
  • Driven Tool Power – 0.69kW
  • Speed of tools – 200-8,000RPM
Opposed Tool Post
  • Fixed tools for back machining – Up To 9
  • Driven tools for back machining – Up To 9
  • Y Axis – Yes
  • Y-Axis – Yes
  • Driven stations on turret – 10
  • Max. number of tools – 60+
  • Driven tool power – 0.69kW
  • Speed of driven tools – 200-8,000RPM
Machine Overview

More tools!… more functions!… more flexibility!…higher productivity!… same floor space!

Even greater value!

The M16 is renowned for its leading capability for 3 tool simultaneous machining in a compact floor space. The all-round combination of flexible tooling, large tool capacity, and outstanding ease of use has made the M16 our success story in the new century. The next generation M16 increases the 3 tool simultaneous machining abilities with a new Y3 axis on the back tool post which carries up to 9 tools (up to 6 driven). New advanced functions include a B axis on the gang tool post with 4 axis simultaneous containing control. In addition the machine boasts an improved / upgraded turret with direct indexing, faster rapid feed rate (up to 32m/min) and reduced power consumption.

Work Area
Vertical Holder
  • 4 rotary cross-drilling / milling spindles and 5 turning tools for turning, grooving, screw-cutting, parting-off etc.
  • Standard Y-axis facilitates tool center height adjustment and enables complex operations to be carried out with ease.
  • The B Axis is the slant axis in reference to the Y axis direction.
  • Rotary tools incorporating a B axis can continuously change the angle (-10° to +105°) for angled holes.
  • Contouring with simultaneous 4-axis control is also possible.
  • Allows front and back machining including pinch milling.
  • High-torque power driven tools available for all 10 stations (8,000RPM and 0.75 / 1.5kW).
  • Multiple tool holders and intermediate indexing allow 60+ tools to be fitted.
  • Tools can be indexed directly without turret retraction saving 0.5 secs per index.
  • Y-Axis allows tool change without turret indexing and tool offset adjustment in 3 axes.
  • Double / Triple sleeve tool holder and double cross-spindle take full advantage of Y-axis.
Back Working Tool Post
    • Can accommodate holders at 3 positions (2 for rotary tool specifications – 1.5kW / 8000rpm and 1 for fixed tool specifications)
    • Up to 9 tools can be fitted.
    • Back tool post using Y3 axis in combination with the sub spindle X3 and Z3 axes allows the following operations to be carried out simultaneously with other operations.