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Machine Options
Standard Accessories
  • Main Spindle Chucking Device
  • Back Spindle chucking device
  • Headstock Cooling Device
  • Door Switch
  • Lubricating Oil Supply
  • Pneumatic Device for air sealing
  • Part-off Tool Breakage Detector(Electronic type)
  • Work Area Lamp
  • Cutting oil level detection
Optional Accessories
  • Extensive toolholder options
  • Choice of Barfeeder
  • Coolblaster High Pressure Coolant
  • Mist Control Unit
  • Long Parts Adapter
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Part-off Tool Breakage Detector(Probe type)
Main Spindle - AC Motor
  • Bar Capacity – 20mm up to 25mm (.984″) with option
  • Max. Turning Len. (no rechucking) – 200mm
  • Motor Rating – 2.2 / 3.7kW
  • Spindle speed range – 200-10,000RPM
  • C-axis – 0.001°
Sub-Spindle - AC Motor
  • Maximum workpiece diameter – 20mm up to 25mm (.984″) with option
  • Motor Rating – 0.75/1.5kW
  • Spindle speed range – 200-8,000RPM
  • Spindle Indexing – 1°
  • C-axis – 0.001°
  • Number of turning tools – 5(7)
  • Number of drilling / boring tools-front – 6(14)
  • Number of back operation tools – 8(16)
  • Number of rotary tools-cross – 5(14)
  • Number of rotary tool positions face – 5(21)
  • Rotary tool power – 1kW
  • Rotary tool speed range – 200-6,000RPM
  • Rotary tool speed range of B-axis – 200-8,000RPM
Machine Overview

Cincom’s best-selling L series machines have been re-launched with exciting new functions. The rotary tools on the gang tool post feature B-axis control. Allowing for drilling drilling and milling of angle features, and contouring with and milling of angeled features in addition to contouring with simultaneous 4-axis control. The swivel angle of 135°, from 90° to -45° enables the B-axis to be used for both front and back machining.

Another major feature is the ability to switch between a guide busing type and guide bushing-less type. This feature is provided as standard and the guide bushing can be fitted or removed very quickly with a simple operation.

Also featured is Y2 axis control on the opposite tool post for increased flexibility.

Work Area
Vertical Holder
  • 5 Turning and 11 rotary drive positions (8 of which can be swivelled using B axis) fitted as standard.
  • Standard Y-axis facilitates tool center height adjustment and enables complex operations to be carried out with ease.
  • Rotary tools rated at 1kW / 6,000RPM.
  • The B Axis is the slant axis in reference to the Y axis direction.
  • Rotary tools incorporating a B axis can continuously change the angle (-45° to +90°) for angled holes on both front and back of the part.
Front Machining Post
  • 6 fixed front-working positions as standard.
  • Up to 3 rotary tools (0.75kW, 7,500RPM).
  • Y-Axis as standard to enable simultaneous control of gang and front machining post.
  • Allows operations such as drilling, tapping, screw-cutting, boring and turning to be carried out simultaneously with other operations.
Back Machining Post
    • 4 fixed back-working positions and 4 rotary (0.75kW) end working positions as standard.
    • Allows operations such as drilling, tapping, screw-cutting, boring and turning to be carried out simultaneously with other operations.
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