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Machine Options
Standard Accessories
  • Next generation CNC system with touch screen and qwerty keyboard. Easy set up with on screen, graphical prompts.
  • 3-X, 3-Y, 3-Z and 1-B axis.
  • B axis for front-back machining.
  • Independent adjustable angle rotary tools to sub spindle.
  • Power and speed: 5.5kW and 10,000 rpm.
  • Up to 59 tools.
  • With/without guide bush – switchable operation.
  • Workpiece Conveyor
Optional Accessories
  • Fixed guide bushing device
  • Knock-out jig for through-hole workpiece
  • Long workpiece unit
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Coolant flow rate Detector
  • Signal lamp
  • 3-color signal tower
Number of axis - 10
Main Spindle
  • Max. turning diameter – 25mm
  • Max. turning length (in one chucking) – 250mm
  • Spindle speed – 10,000RPM
  • Drive Rating – 3.7/5.5kW
  • C-Axis – 0.001°
  • Max. workpiece diameter – 25mm
  • Max. workpiece length – 120mm
  • Drive rating – 2.2/3.7kW
  • Spindle speed – 10,000RPM
  • C-Axis – 0.001°
  • Number of turning tools – 7
  • Number of drilling / boring tools-front – 6
  • Number of drilling / boring tools-back – 7
  • Number of main spindle rotary tools-cross – up to 7 (4 from b-axis)
  • Number of sub spindle rotary tool positions face – up to 16 (4 from b-axis)
  • Main Spindle Rotary tool speed range – up to 9,000RPM
  • Rotary tool speed range of B-axis – up to 9,000RPM
  • Sub Spindle Rotary tool speed range – up to 6,000RPM
Machine Overview

Introducing Citizen's newest development, the D25 VIII, equipped with double gang tool posts and B axis. The double gang layout enables short cycle times for high productivity at low part cost. The large number of tools, for both main and sub spindle, gives cost effective production of complex workpieces.

Work Area
Number of axis - 7
Vertical Tool Holder
  • 7 Turning and 11 rotary drive positions (8 of which can be swivelled using B axis) fitted as standard.
  • Standard Y-axis facilitates tool center height adjustment and enables complex operations to be carried out with ease.
  • The B Axis is the slant axis in reference to the Y axis direction.
  • Rotary tools incorporating a B axis can continuously change the angle (0° to +135°) on front machining and up to 45° for back machining.
  • 4 Static front drilling stations
Front Machining Post
  • 2 fixed front-working positions as standard.
  • Deep hole machining up to 100mm is possible.
Back Machining Post
  • Can accommodate holders at 4 positions (up to 4 for rotary tool specifications – 1kW / 6000rpm)
  • Up to 12 tools can be fitted.
  • Back tool post using Y3 axis in combination with the sub spindle X3 and Z3 axes allows the following operations to be carried out simultaneously with other operations.
  • Allows operations such as drilling (face / cross), tapping (face / cross), screw-cutting, boring, interpolation and turning to be carried out simultaneously with other operations.
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