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Cincom C320/C332 Bar Loaders



Power consumption – 1.5 kW

Feed force – adjustable, max. 450 N

Forward feed rate – adjustable max. 600 mm/sec

Return feed rate – 1000 mm/sec

Loading time – 30 sec (for 12 ft. bars)

Oil capacity – 46 liters (12 gallons)

Oil viscosity – ISO 100 cST

Operating voltage – 230 V/60 Hz

Compressed air supply – 6 bar (90 psi)

Compressed air consumption – approx. 8 liters per loading action

Weight without oil – 1320 lbs

Remnant length – 420mm max (16.5 inches)

Maximum Bar Length – 3785 mm (12'5')

Bar Diameter Range – 3-26 mm (.125'-1.023')

Reversible Configuration – Machine is reversible to load material from front or rear

Barloader Features
Double Pusher

The two pusher system drastically reduces the overall length of the unit by as much as 4 feet. A short pusher pre-feeds the bar then retracts, then a second full-length pusher lowers into position to continue the feeding process.

Dual Anti-Vibration Devices

Dual anti-vibration devices stabilize the bar stock at two critical points between the guide channel and lathe spindle maximizing RPM potential. Its adjustable roller design provides superior support and easy setup of all bar diameters without the cost of multiple bearing blocks.

Bushing Blocks

Optional bushing-blocks replace rollers on out-board steady rest when running shaped stock.

Gripper - Remnant Retract

The gripper device holds and inserts the new bar into the bar collet and is also used to extract the remnant. Bar ends that are free of burrs require no additional chamfering. The gripper requires no adjustment for bar size changes as it 'self-centers'.

Rorating Tip & Collet

The bar pusher is equipped with a standard rorating tip that ensures smooth running at high RPM. The bar stock collet is a common thread-on or pin-on type.

Sync Device

As a standard feature on the C320/C332, the Synchronization device for Swiss style lathes employs an electro-magnetic coupling, mechanically linking the lathes headstock's z-axis travel to the bar feeder's pusher to ensure synchronous movement and no loss of connection between the bar stock and collet-pusher. The bar remnant is withdrawn to the back end of the magazine. A gripper extracts it from the bar stock collet and deposits it in a hide-away remnant basket.

Belt Drive

The C320/C332's double pusher system is propelled by a toothed belt for accuracy as well as smooth quiet running.


A Mitsubishi controller and servo drive provide the Minuteman's motion control and functionality.

Remote Pendant

The C320/C332 features the convenience of an easy-to-use remote control pendant. Functions include:

  • Manual and automatic operation
  • Manual load/unload of bar stock for set-up and/or change over
  • Movement of bar pusher
  • Emergency stop
Quick Change Guide Channels

The top guide channel is profiled for all bar stock sizes. The 'U' shaped bottom guide channel sections slide easily out of their base. Simply insert the new channel size, tighten the screw and the C320/C332 is ready for the new bar stock.

Operator Control Panel

The control is easy to program, yet flexible enough for all applications. Parameters are set through simple F functions. Alarms are well defined and displayed on the operator control panel. Panel swings out for ease of use.

Robust Construction

Heavy gauge structural steel ensures rigidity and long term durability.

Large Storage Capacity

The bar stock magazine is an incline rack with a loading capacity of 10 linear inches. Bars can be loaded from the front or the rear sides of the bar feeder.

Stock Alignment Guides

The bar stock alignment guides are quickly and easily adjusted for different bar diameters, effectively reducing set up time.

The channel is flooded with oil to create a hydrodynamic effect resulting in higher RPM with reduced noise and vibration.

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