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A20 Type VII


Machine Options
Standard Accessories
  • Main Spindle Chucking Device
  • Back Spindle Chucking Device
  • Rotary Guide Bushing Device
  • Cut-off tool breakage detection
  • Lighting
  • Workpiece separator
  • Lubricating oil supply unit with
    level Detector
  • Door lock
  • Pneumatic device for air sealing
  • Machine relocation Detector
Optional Accessories
  • Fixed guide bushing device
  • Knock-out jig for through-hole workpiece
  • Long workpiece unit
  • Workpiece conveyor
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Coolant flow rate Detector
  • Signal lamp
  • 3-color signal tower
Number of axis - 7
Main Spindle
  • Max. turning diameter – 20mm
  • Max. turning length (in one chucking) – 200mm
  • Spindle speed – 10,000RPM
  • Drive Rating – 3.7kW
  • No. of turning tools – 5
  • Number of tools for front-end machining – 4
  • Max. workpiece diameter – 20mm
  • Max. workpiece length – 80mm
  • Drive rating – 1.5kW
  • Spindle speed – 8,000RPM
  • Number of tools for back-end machining – 8
  • C-Axis – 0.001°
Driven Tools
  • No. of Driven Tools (transverse) – 4
  • Driven Tool Motor Power – 0.75kW
  • Driven Tool Max. Speed – 6,000RPM
Other Information
  • Axis rapid Traverse – 32m/min
  • Space Requirement – 2100x1185mm
  • Weight – 4,851
Machine Overview

Acclaimed for its excellent cost to performance ratio, the A20 has evolved as a 5-axis machine for ø20 mm applications with the advantage that it can be used with or without a guide bushing. Use as a regular guide bushing automatic lathe when machining long, slender workpieces or without a guide bushing for shorter parts with minimal bar end remnants. The guide bushing can be quickly and easily mounted or removed.

The performance of the machine has been improved too. The high speed 10,000 rpm spindle enables optimized machining operations on smaller diameter bar material. The machining length per chucking is now extended to 200 mm enabling the number of re-chuckings and therefore cycle times to be reduced when machining long workpieces. As an option, bar material of up to ø25 mm can also be machined extending the range of workpieces.

Work Area
Number of axis - 7
Vertical Tool Holder
4 rotary cross-drilling / milling spindles and 5 turning tools fitted as standard for turning, grooving, screw-cutting, parting-off etc.

    One cross tool can be replaced with one of:

      • BSE607: 3 front live end face
        • Front: F7 – M5 (ER11)
      • BSE707: 3 front / 3 back live end face
        • Front: F7 – M5 (ER11)
        • Back: F5 – M4 (ER11)
End Working Holder 1
  • 4 stations for front machining
  • 4 stations for back machining
End Working Holder 2
  • 4 fixed stations for back machining. With A220-U151B option, all 4 can be utilized for either live or fixed end working (4,500RPM / 0.75kW).
  • Optional GSS1330 Back Slitting and Cross-Drilling Spindle:
    • ER11, 3600RPM, 3/5 Gear Ratio
    • Adjustable 90° for cross-drilling
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