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CAV Bar Loaders



Bar profiles round, hexagonal, square

Maximum bar length 13′

Bar stabilization Oil supply to the guide rail. Intermediate three-roller support and rear-end four roller support. Attached with an oil splash prevention guide rail shutter.

Bar rack width 10.25″

Control Operation and synchronous control by NC lathe

Power source AC200/220V, 50/60Hz

Weight (without oil) 1,254 – 1,430 lbs

Bar diameter range

2 ~ 12mm (CAV12-LE)

2 ~ 16mm (CAV16)

2 ~ 20mm (CAV20)

3 ~ 36mm (CAV32)

Oil ISO VG34/ 24 (CAV12/16/20 ) or VG68 (CAV32)

CAV Bar Stabilizing System

Cincom's unique bar and spindle stabilizing mechanism aligns precisely the bar's center of rotation with the center of the spindle. Forces are evenly distributed, protecting the spindle from excessive wear.

Oil/Roller Support System

As the bar rotates, it becomes hydrostatically supported in a bath of oil, and perfectly centered in the guide channels. Even with full-length, 13′ bars, the lathe can operate noise-free and vibration-free at speeds to 12,000 rpm.

Z-Axis Movement

Movements of the bar feeder are automatically programmed as an additional Z-axis on the turning center's CNC. All bar feeder movements mirror exactly the movements in the lathe. The result is superior precision and maximized productivity.

Space-Saving Pusher Design

An auxiliary device pre-positions the bar. Forward and back motion is controlled by a servo that’s connected directly to the lathe's CNC. The bar positions to tenths accuracy with no following error. Insertion and braking response times are instantaneous.

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